Kid Cute Glitter Sequins Sloth Plush Fashion Backpack Accessory Teen

Kid Cute Glitter Sequins Sloth Plush Fashion Backpack Accessory Teen

I designed this cute sloth backpack which is part of larger stationery “Back to school” collection for kids called «I Love My Planet».

This was a big project, I was involved in the design of a new collection. I worked in every part of the creative process: I designed the mood board of the collection, studied the trends, and designed the artworks of these backpacks. I also followed up on the samples until approving the final design. The result was beautiful and I organized a shooting with the products. I also retouched the photos, designed the catalog, etc. Please check below my design for the Kid Fashion Backpack!

Product design and illustrations:  Eva Boch,
Photography: Kyung-Bin Park @kbinpark and Eva Boch
Client: Ningbo Sagement Stationery & Co Ltd.
The collection was presented at the «Shanghai Paper World», China, November 2020.
Fashion Backpack designed by Eva Boch
Sloth Fashion Backpack
Fashion Backpack designed by Eva Boch

To know more about the story of this collection you can read below:

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the pace of life? Not having time for yourself or your loved ones? In this fast-paced, stressful world, it’s easy to disconnect from yourself and lose a healthy life balance. This «Connect» collection invites people to connect with their inner world, and thus achieve their mental, physical and emotional well-being.

I designed this collection during my quarantine in Barcelona. I live in front of the Rambla de Catalunya, where there are always crowds of people walking, talking, and generating a lot of noise day and night. Going from the chaos of the Rambla and the world, to an imposed confinement, required me to be more still, so I entered a more meditative state. At that moment I connected with my inner peace and it led me to think that in the face of so many distractions that we have in life, sometimes we forget to listen to ourselves more, to not always be in action, but also to stop.

Sloth Animal Backpack Design
Kid Fashion Animal Backpack
This situation, which a large part of humanity was experiencing, led me to share and support the message of the importance of an inner connection. This connection is important to be able to better connect with others and listen to our intuition and thus achieve mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing.

I hope you liked this cute Kid Fashion Backpack! If you have a new project in mind, let’s have a talk :).